Mandatory Tackle Football Certification is 8/5/2017

Mandatory tackle football certification is 8/5/2017. All tackle football players must attend certification. Please read the details below carefully so you are prepared. If your General Manager or Coach has not contacted you regarding certification, please contact us immediately at

Queen Creek Library Recreation Annex
21802 S. Ellsworth Road
This year you must enter from the North Side, NOT the main Southeast  annex entrance.

Time: See schedule below

What to bring:
1) Player
2) Parent (NOT another relative or friend)
3) Birth Certificate (Copy is ok)
You will NOT be able to certify without ALL of the above. There will be no partial certifications.

This certification will take place following the specific schedule as outlined below. Please arrive early so you do not miss your scheduled time. We will be certifying clubs according to the schedule below. All players should be arranged by division (D1,D2,D3,D4,D5) alphabetically. We will not have time to accommodate any certification outside your scheduled time. You will be directed at the entrance when it is your time to enter the certification room. Once inside you will complete the following certification steps:

1) League representative will validate your birth certificate (copy is OK).
2) Sign the certification sheet verifying all information is correct and your acceptance of the league waiver.
3) Weigh in
4) Photo
5) Exit

Once complete we ask that you quickly exit the certification area. We will not have time to address other matters of business at this time.

Eagles 9:00am
Blue Devils 10:00am
Cardinals 11:00am
Sun Devils 12:00pm
Special Forces 1:00pm
Bulldogs 2:00pm