2017 Flag Football Meet And Greet

The Flag Football Parent/Player meet and greet will be held at the Desert Mountain Park on Thursday, 7/27/17. DMP is located at the intersection of Hawes Rd and Ocotillo Rd. You will meet with your coach according to the schedule below. Find your name in the alphabetized list below and pay special attention to the Team Assignment and which division you are in (A, AA, or AAA). There will not be any practice until the following week.

‘Single’ A division meets at 6:00pm
‘Double’ AA division meets at 6:30pm
‘Triple’ AAA division meets at 7:00pm

Plan on arriving 15 minutes early in order to be at your team’s location on time. A league representative will be available to direct you and answer any questions you may have.

You will discuss your practice times and team name with your coach during this meeting.

(Desert Mountain Park)
Team Time Coach
A1 6:00 PM Les Spraggins
A2 6:00 PM Dan Babcock
A3 6:00 PM Travis Tuttle
A4 6:00 PM Matt Towler
A5 6:00 PM Bryan Ketchum
A6 6:00 PM Gabe Rosales
AA1 6:30 PM Brian Almond
AA2 6:30 PM Dane Rohner
AA3 6:30 PM Jared Martin
AA4 6:30 PM Reo Evans
AA5 6:30 PM Joel Dicks
AA6 6:30 PM Travis Tuttle
AAA1 7:00 PM Hennie Van Niekerk
AAA2 7:00 PM Kevin Guy
AAA3 7:00 PM Brad Greer
AAA4 7:00 PM Jeremy Baughn

Find your player in this list and meet your coach at the time listed above.

AA1 -Zander Almond
AA3 -Isaac Alvarado
AA6 -Jace Armitage
A2 -Chase Babcock
AAA2 -John Babcock
A6 -Logan Barker
AAA4 -mason baughn
AAA4 -Brody Baughn
AAA3 -Evan Bell
AA2 -Jett Bell
AA2 -Tyce Bell
TBD -Bryce Bernal
AA1 -Dayton Bond
A3 -Tucker Bowers
AAA3 -Rustin Brandon
A1 -Gio Brandon
A1 -Stratt Brandon
AAA4 -Colt Brewer
A2 -Jaxsen Brinton
AA3 -Steele Brooks
AA2 -Timothy Mason Brown
A3 -Nixon Brown
AA6 -Mason Brown
AAA1 -Roy Campa
A6 -Ryler Campbell
AA6 -Caleb Carter
A2 -Tyson Carter
A4 -Christopher Cassidy
AAA4 -Heston Castaneda
AA1 -Kash Castaneda
AA5 -Dominic Cervantes
A4 -Silas Chaires
A1 -Ivan Check
AA1 -Brighton Church
A3 -Seth Churchill
AA4 -Drexton Clare
AA6 -Kadyn Clark
A4 -Keegan Clouse
TBD -Bennett Cluff
AA2 -Kaiden Cortez
A2 -Colton Cox
A2 -Jaxson Cox
AAA3 -Seth Crismon
A1 -Cooper Croyle
AAA2 -Tillman Cunningham
A3 -Trey Curtis
AA2 -Jack Dalton
AAA1 -David Dees
AAA2 -Jace Diaz
A2 -Ryan Dicks
AA5 -Joshua Dicks
A2 -Brycen Dimarai
AAA2 -Devon Dixon
AAA1 -Zander Drew
A3 -James Dwiggins
A2 -Talon Ekren
AA5 -Parker Estfan
AA4 -Jackson Evans
AAA3 -Gunner Fagrell
AA4 -Jacob Falls
A3 -Carter Falls
A3 -Nathan Felice
AAA2 -Dmitry Finch
AAA1 -laci Freeman
AAA4 -Teag Fuentes
AAA1 -Landen Fuller
AA6 -Brycen Fuller
AAA2 -Etienne (E.T.) Gagnon
AA4 -John Paul Gagnon
AA4 -Tommy Gagnon
A1 -Jay Gandara
TBD -Derrick Gilbert
A3 -Reed Goebel
AAA4 -Dane Gomez
A5 -Rommie Goodman
A1 -Ethan Gray
A1 -Taylor Greer
A1 -Graham Greer
AAA3 -Parker Greer
AAA3 -Bryce Greer
TBD -Jayden Griffith
AAA2 -Kody Guy
A2 -Diesel Hakes
A4 -Sawyer Hales
AA4 -Bosten Hall
AAA3 -Kasen Hall
AAA2 -Thomas Hannan
AAA4 -Bentley Hatch
AAA3 -Carter Herbert
TBD -Daniel Hernandez
A3 -Xzaviar Hernandez
AA2 -Caleb Hilton
AA2 -Brigham Hilton
AAA1 -Brandon Horlacher
AA5 -Maverick Inglefield
AA1 -Grady Jackson
AA1 -Porter Jackson
A6 -Talen Johnson
AAA3 -Cannon Johnston
TBD -Eli Jones
AA1 -Grant Kellis
A5 -Lincoln Kellis
A6 -Coleton Kelner
AA5 -Chase Kempton
AA3 -Calvin Kennedy
A5 -Gage Ketchum
A5 -Braiden Ketchum
AAA4 -Tyson Kimball
A2 -Jayden Knight
AAA2 -Gram Lahnan
AA5 -Gunner Lane
AA5 -Jack Lane
A6 -Dekon Larson
A1 -Kingston Lee
AA3 -Mason Lewis
A1 -Wyatt Livingston
A1 -Ryder Livingston
A5 -Kashton Loveless
TBD -Parker Lovell
AAA1 -Jayden Lovell
AA4 -Staten Lunt
AAA2 -Logan Lutt
TBD -Porter Mabey
A2 -Colton Mackey
A5 -Brayden Madsen
AAA4 -Landon Madsen
A5 -Crew Manwaring
A4 -James (JJ) Marriott
AA3 -Nash Martin
AA3 -Blake Martin
A1 -Brock Martin
AAA4 -Bryce Mauzy
A6 -Justin McBride
A3 -Robert McIntyre
AAA2 -Brigham Merrell
A3 -Talin Miller
A4 -Koan Miller
A4 -Kannon Miller
TBD -Marcelino Miller
AAA4 -Branson Moak
AA1 -Carter moore
AA6 -Kaiden Morgan
A4 -Logan Moyers
AA5 -Talan Murphy
A6 -Ethan Nance
AAA2 -William Nelson
A5 -Grayden Nikolaus
AAA1 -Sage Northern
AA4 -Colt Nuttall
A4 -Lathan Osborn
TBD -Noah Osborne
AA4 -jack ostler
TBD -Flint Owen
A5 -Carter Owen
A5 -Barrett Pace
A5 -Beckham Pace
A3 -Krew Peterson
A2 -Matthew Porten
AA5 -Andrew Porten
A5 -Tate Prahl
AA6 -Liam Pratt
AA6 -Brock Pugmire
TBD -Kyler Rawson
TBD -Kasen Reed
AA3 -Jonny Reheis
AA6 -Nolan Reider
AAA3 -Tristan Revie
TBD -Tyler Revie
AAA1 -Porter Reynolds
AA5 -Linkin Riggs
AAA4 -Angel Rios
A6 -Brock Ripley
AA3 -Simon Roberts
AAA2 -Michael Rodriquez
A4 -Maddoux Rogers
A4 -Nathaniel Rogers
A6 -Savannah Rogers
AA2 -Kellen Rohner
AAA1 -Ethan Rosales
A6 -Neko Rosales
AA4 -Max Salisbury
AAA1 -Ryan Sapp
AA5 -Tyler Schoenberger
AA3 -Jaxson Sculley
AA2 -Adam Shaver
AA2 -Seth Shaver
A5 -Hudson Smith
A6 -Noah Spencer
A1 -Hayden Spraggins
AA3 -Nate Stineman
AA4 -Dax Stones
TBD -Adam Tarabocchia
AAA1 -Daymien Taylor
AAA3 -Luke Thayn
AAA3 -Isaac Thayn
AA2 -Reed Thayn
AA1 -Jack Thayn
A4 -Gabriel Thompson
AA5 -Brenden Todd
A2 -Jaxon Todd
TBD -Jovanny Torres
TBD -Carter Towler
A4 -Conner Towler
TBD -Cole Trotter
AAA4 -Brock Turley
AA6 -Jack Tuttle
A3 -Maguire Tuttle
AA6 -Mason Uremovich
AAA1 -Cory Van Niekerk
AA1 -Christoff Van Niekerk
A5 -Huck Vance
AAA3 -Braden Vanderpool
AAA4 -Tanner Varty
A4 -Hayden Wales
AAA3 -Dylan Weekly
TBD -Toby White
AAA2 -landon wilde
A6 -corbin wilde
A2 -Sam Wilkinson
AAA1 -Logan Williams
TBD -Stone Williams
AA6 -Parker Wilson
A1 -Gage Witham
A3 -Maddox Wood
AA3 -Crew Wright
A6 -Brooks Wright
AA3 -Gavin Wyler
AA5 -Braden Yarbrough
AA5 -Rylan Yarn
A6 -Jacob Yarn