Is there fundraising with San Tan Youth Football?

Yes. Every club raises funds to help pay for several things. The following is a list of many, but not all of these:

Coaches shirts
Sponsor plaques
Practice equipment
Team activities

There is an ongoing effort to simplify and standardize the various fund raising activities across all clubs. Your participation through your club is greatly appreciated and helps ensure that the club management is not required to bear any undue financial burdens.

Do I have to register with the same team I played for last year?

No, you can request any team you would like. However, you can not register during the “Returning Player Registration”, if you do not register with the same team.

What happens if practice is cancelled because of bad weather?

If practice is cancelled due to weather than that practice can be made up during the same week. For example practice is cancelled on Monday. The team has until the Saturday of that week to make up Mondays practice. If practice is cancelled on Friday, the team has until the following day Saturday to make up that practice. If a team fails to make up a practice within that week then the practice time will not be made up.

What is considered a practice?
Practice will not be allowed to be made up if practice is called for weather and the time is 7:01 pm or later. This is considered a full practice.

My child turns 11 years old on Sept 2nd. How old is he/she considered to be for the season?
Since your child was 10 years old on Sept 1st. He/she is considered 10 for the entire season and therefore is under the weight requirements for a 10 year old even though they will be 11 years old for every game.

My child wants to play in the Junior High program but is home schooled. How do I show a school ID to certify when he/she does not have one?In the situation where a child is home schooled and a school ID is not issued, the league will certify using the child’s birth certificate to verify that they are the age consistent with someone who is in the 7th or 8th grade.

When and where are practices?
Practices for all programs (Junior High, Youth Tackle, Flag) are in Queen Creek at either Desert Mountain Park (Address) or the Queen Creek Middle School (address). Practices will be conducted 6pm-8pm.

If my child is younger than 7 years old on September 1st. Can he/she still play in your league?

Yes, your child is more than welcome to play football as a mighty mite player as long as he/she meets the weight requirement. As a parent it needs to be understood that he/she will be participating with players who are 7-9yrs old.

I have heard that the month of practices before the 1st game varies. Is this true?

Yes, The first 2 weeks of practice are Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm. Followed by the next 2 weeks practices being held on Mon, Wed, Fri again 6pm-8pm. When games start on Saturdays practices will be held twice a week. Either Mon, Wed or Tues, Thurs again 6pm-8pm.

Do we show up the first practice fully equipped ready for full contact?

No, The first 2 weeks of practice are designed for conditioning. Monday and Tuesday of the 1st week players will be practicing in shorts, t-shirts, and HELMET ONLY. On Wednesday of this 1st week players can start wearing shoulder pads. Tuesday of the 2nd week of practice players can they wear full pads consisting of helmet, shoulder pads, and practice pants with pads.

My child is in the Junior High program. I know it is different than the youth programs. Does this mean they can wear full pads earlier?
Yes, players in the junior high program can start from the 1st practice wearing full pads. It will be at the sole discretion of the Junior High coaching staff when they would like players to wear their full pads.

I know that all of the youth tackle and flag games are in Queen Creek at either Desert Mountain Park of the Queen Creek Middle School. Is this also the case with the Junior High Program?
No, this is not the case with the Junior High program. The Junior High program plays other teams all across the valley. All of our Junior High home games will be at the Queen Creek Middle School.

My child owns his own helmet. Do I need to rent equipment?
No, you are more than welcome to buy your own equipment. You can also rent equipment from the league. This rental consists of a helmet and shoulder pads ONLY. You will be required to return rental equipment after the season has been completed. Practice pants and pads for the pants are not included in the rental of equipment.

Do flag football players need to certify?
No, since weight is a non-issue with flag there will not be any form of certification for those players registered in the flag football program.

Do players need to have a physical before participating?

No, but you should read the league waiver and understand that you are responsible to ensure your child is physically fit and able to participate in organized sports.

Does the league charge extra for trophies, game uniforms, end of the season parties, etc?

No, the team your child is placed on typically will do some sort of fundraising to help raise funds to get trophies, game uniforms, end of the season party, etc. This applies to tackle not for flag.

I have heard that parents and coaches do NOT weigh in players. Is this correct?
Yes, a league representative will conduct weigh-ins prior to every single game. No parents or coaches need to be present.

What happens if my child is over the maximum weight for their division?
If a player is over the weight requirement for their age and division then they will not be allowed to participate in that weeks game. They will weigh in again prior to next weeks game and may participate if they make weight the following week.

If my child weighs in and is over the weight, can he try weighing in again?
No, once they step on the scale WITH their team and are overweight they will not be able to play in that week’s game.

Can my child weigh-in early?
Yes, the scale will be out early in the morning for players to check their weight. This will NOT count as the pre-game weigh-in. Players must weigh-in with their entire team prior to the game for them to be able to play in that weeks game.

If the entire team is there an hour before the game starts can they all weigh-in?
Yes, if the entire team is there at the field and they want to weigh-in they can do so but remember if a player shows up later and the entire team has already weighed they might not be allowed to play. So coaches need to make sure their entire team is present before weighing in.

I see on the website that all players need to weigh-in fully equipped. Can my child weigh-in only wearing street clothes?
No, all players need to wear all the equipment needed as if they were going to step right onto the field to play. Full equipment means: Helmet, chinstrap, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, pants with all pads and belt, cleats, and game uniform. Every single pad needs to be installed in the pants and helmet.

If my child is too heavy can I move him up to another division?
Yes, a parent can decide to move them up if they want to so they don’t have to be concerned about their child watching their weight all season long.

How much time once the season starts do I have to decide if I want to move up or down a division?

A parent can decide to move their child up or down a division up to week 2 of the regular season. After the 2nd week of games have been completed no player will be able to move up or down a division.