Blue Devils

Rich Herbert
General Manager

In addition to your league registration fees (which cover fields, lights, game officials, liability, etc), each STYFL club will ask each player to pay club dues (or fundraise to cover club dues). The Blue Devils will ask for $200 in club dues.

Club dues cover the following:
Uniform Items
Practice Shorts & Shirt – which you keep
Practice Jersey
Game Jersey with name, number & logos – which you keep
Game Pants – which you keep
Game Socks – which you keep
Game Belt – which you keep
Club Helmet (YOU DO NOT NEED TO RENT OR BUY YOUR OWN. We can provide you with paint color if you choose to use your own helmet.)
Helmet Decals & Numbers
Chin Strap
Mouth Guard – which you keep
Coaches Uniforms

Club Practice Equipment
Practice & Game Balls
Cones & Ladders
Helmet Beanies
Hitting Pads
Water Coolers
Water Bottles & Caddys
10×10 Canopys
Sideline Flags
First Aid Supplies
Training Equipment such as push sled, tire pulls, medicine balls, resistance bands, training ropes, etc.
Upkeep, Maintenance and Storage of Helmets and all Club Equipment

Admin Fees
Equipment Storage

Office Supplies
General Meeting Handbooks – which you keep
Game Rosters – which you keep
Game Schedules – which you keep

Pre-Season Meeting Rental – for general meeting, helmet sizing, uniform measurements, etc.
Post-Season Banquet
Paper Goods

Player Awards
Coach Thank Yous
Team Mom Thank Yous

Any other unforeseen costs associated with season.

To ease your out of pocket expense, we will provide several means for covering your club dues. We offer payment plans, exciting fundraising opportunities for each player to raise the required amount as well as sponsorship information if you’d like to get a company or individual to sponsor your dues in exchange for advertising with us. Our fundraising opportunities give you the ability to raise the amount you need to cover club dues in addition to reimbursing you for your league dues. You can raise as much or as little as you would like.

If you choose to pay your player’s club fees upfront and forego the organized fundraisers to offset your club dues, we certainly welcome that also. If you are interested in a payment plan to pay club dues, we will have those options available to you as well. We will be able to accept cash or check for dues, or you may use a major debit/credit card via our payment options online, with a small service fee to offset processing costs.

If you have questions regarding fundraising or club dues, please contact Rich & Lacee Herbert at