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The San Tan Youth Football League has been in existence since 2000, and is a locally based football program for all youths in the Queen Creek area.

Mission Statement: The mission of STYFL is to teach the fundamentals of football, while instilling the positive values of sportsmanship, teamwork, self-esteem and confidence that will provide a solid foundation in character growth for the youth of our community.

2018 Spring Game Times

The scheduled game times are listed below. As a reminder, one of our objectives with the spring instructional program is to get players as many repititions as possible. Your player's team assignment may change from week to week in order to keep competitive balance and expose players to different teammates and coaches. This is obviously very different from the Fall season.

All games are played at QCMS main football field.

JR Flag
Every Saturday 2/17-4/21 except Spring Break
8:00am - 9:00am2 squads
SPRING BREAK 3/12 and 3/24
SR Flag
Every Saturday 2/17-4/21 except Spring Break
9:00am - 10:00am2 squads
SPRING BREAK 3/12 and 3/24
Mini Tackle
2/17/1810:00 AMA vs B
2/24/1810:00 AMA vs B
3/3/1810:00 AMA vs B
3/10/1810:00 AMA vs B
3/31/1810:00 AMA vs B
4/7/1810:00 AMA vs B
4/14/1810:00 AMA vs B
4/21/1810:00 AMA vs B
JR Tackle
2/17/1811:30 AMA vs B
 1:00 PMC vs D
2/24/1811:30 AMC vs A
 1:00 PMD vs B
3/3/1811:30 AMB vs C
 1:00 PMA vs D
3/10/1811:30 AMC vs D
 1:00 PMB vs A
3/31/1811:30 AMD vs B
 1:00 PMA vs C
4/7/1811:30 AMA vs D
 1:00 PMC vs B
4/14/1811:30 AMB vs A
 1:00 PMD vs C
4/21/1811:30 AMA vs C
 1:00 PMB vs D
SR Tackle
2/17/182:30 PMA vs B
 4:00 PMC vs D
2/24/182:30 PMC vs A
 4:00 PMD vs B
3/3/182:30 PMB vs C
 4:00 PMA vs D
3/10/182:30 PMC vs D
 4:00 PMB vs A
3/31/182:30 PMD vs B
 4:00 PMA vs C
4/7/182:30 PMA vs D
 4:00 PMC vs B
4/14/182:30 PMB vs A
 4:00 PMD vs C
4/21/182:30 PMA vs C
 4:00 PMB vs D

2018 Spring Instructional Season Important Dates

Posted Monday, February 12 2018

First Playoff Games are Next Week on 11/20 and 11/21

Posted Thursday, November 16 2017
The final playoff schedule will be published as soon as the final seeds are established after this week's games. There will be 4 games prior to the Thanksgiving break. Those will be Division 2; Seeds 3,4,5,6 on Monday 11/20 and Division 3; Seeds 3,4,5,6 on Tuesday 11/21. All games will be at Desert Mountain Park.

Several schedule changes this weekend

Posted Friday, October 20 2017
We had to make several last minute schedule changes this week. Your coaches and GMs have likely already communicated those to you, but you can now see the updated schedule here on the website. Click on the Divisions link in the menu to see your schedule.

2017 STYFL Flag Football Tournament is 10/14 at QCMS

Posted Saturday, September 23 2017
As usual this will be a double elimination tournament. Let's have a fun Saturday to close out the season. Games will start at 8:00 am with "A" Division and run throughout the day. Click the "Read More" link to see the start times for all teams.

2017 Tackle Equipment Handout is Saturday, 8/26

Posted Thursday, August 24 2017
Equipment handout will take place on Saturday, 8/26. Click the "Read More" link to see the details and final schedule.
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